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Whitepaper | How do you prepare employees for the future?

How do you prepare employees for the future?

Professions are rapidly changing with the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain. Digital skills are increasingly needed in almost all jobs. If employees do not have the (digital) competencies needed for the future, this is a major bottleneck for employers.

However, innovation can only happen with employees who are able to work with new technological applications. Bringing in the right ICT specialists, a challenge in itself in the tight labor market, is not enough. To truly make the digital leap, all employees must go along, because technology impacts the entire organization. A new way of working requires a different design of your organization, as well as entrepreneurship and different business models.

The only way to ensure that employees, and therefore organizations, are future-proofed is to be continually engaged in developing the people and the organization. A culture of lifelong development must become normal.

This requires change readiness and commitment from employees, but not only that. As an employer or HR professional, you have an important role in identifying opportunities, bottlenecks and encouraging training.

The white paper briefly outlines the impact of technology on work.

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