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Press release Kick off AI hub North Netherlands

‘European grant means substantial boost for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in northern Netherlands’

The AI Hub North Netherlands, in collaboration with the University of Groningen and also a prime mover, has successfully submitted a grant application in the REACT-EU tender “from analog to digital “. With the allocation of as much as 1.5 mln. Euro by the three northern provinces , Economic Affairs and Climate and the Collaboration North Netherlands (SNN) can participate fully in the many national and international initiatives aimed at the development and application of artificial intelligence and thus a further boost in the digitization of the North. The hub has set a goal of using these funds to complete at least 12 AI-related projects over the next 2 years.

“The AI Hub North Netherlands wants to strengthen and expand the existing digital ecosystem. This means that in addition to joining existing projects with AI-related expansions, we also want to bundle a whole range of new ideas and proposals into a number of larger (cross-sectoral) projects, which have a significant impact on the regional, national or the international digital ecosystem,” said Jan Post, AI Hub North Netherlands quartermaster and also professor of Digital Fabrication at the University of Groningen. “It’s about defining good unique propositions for the North that other regions in the Netherlands or Europe say: you have to be in the North for that.”

Living Lab

The organization has high ambitions: for example, the hub wants the North to be recognized nationally and internationally as a testing ground for the latest technologies in sectors important to the region, namely Agriculture, Energy, Industry, Health, Water, Maritime, Safety and Mobility. The organization will also lead the way in data sharing, autonomous systems development and Predictive Maintenance. All in cooperation with northern business, northern knowledge institutions and other national organizations, working with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Gedeputeerde Henk Brink, province of Drenthe; “This nice and strong consortium of parties makes it possible for NNL to seize innovation opportunities that lie ahead in the digital (AI) field. Working together, inspiring each other and learning and discovering together is improved and strengthened by the AI Hub NNL. The chosen approach and vision increases opportunities for business, and SMEs in particular, by creating new value chains and business models.”

Connecting national ambitions

As one of seven regional hubs, the AI Hub North Netherlands is affiliated with the national AI Coalition (NL AIC). It is committed to accelerating AI developments in the Netherlands and connecting initiatives. Through national working groups and consultations between the 7 regions, a national work plan is being rolled out in which broader support is sought for good, so-called high-impact program proposals; together we are building the projects of the future in sectors of importance to (North) Netherlands. Through the national coalition and regional hub, the North can take full advantage of National initiatives and resources made available through the growth fund.

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