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Free online AI course for education professionals launched by NL AIC in collaboration with education experts

The NL AIC, in collaboration with education experts, is launching a free online AI course for education professionals. This free online course can be taken at your own time and pace.

How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) changing education?  How is AI (Artificial Intelligence) changing education? And in what ways is technology already being utilized within classrooms? The free online awareness course “AI for Education” discusses the opportunities and challenges of AI within this sector. AI applications are developing rapidly in all sectors. Therefore, the goal of this course is to make primary and secondary teachers aware of the opportunities of AI.

Interesting tracks and compelling stories from education allow teachers, educators and administrators to explore the world of AI in the context of their field. In just two hours, the course discusses basic concepts such as algorithmsAI, machine learning and deep learning.

And what great timing – June is the Month of AI in Education! On occasion, Maaike  Drok organizes, Marieke van Osch & Raymond Trippe June 9, from 4 to 5 p.m., a webinar where they will make the information from the course come more to life. Sign up for the webinar here: https://bit.ly/3Q8xwlR.

The course lasts a total of about two hours and at the end of the course the student earns a certificate. 

Watch the trailer or start the AI in Education course right away

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