AI course for Logistics & Maritime professionals

The Netherlands AI Coalition, Lowercase Foundation and the Top Sector Logistics are launching an artificial intelligence (AI) course for Logistics and Maritime. The free course discusses AI applications in the logistics and maritime world in 4 hours. Students will learn what the opportunities and challenges of (artificial) artificial intelligence are and how to get started with it in their own organization.

AI for Logistics and Maritime is an online course that takes professionals in the logistics and maritime field through the developments of AI within their work practices. In eleven chapters, basic concepts such as algorithms, AI, machine learning and federated learning are explained by experts in the field in inspiring video use cases. In the course you will learn, among other things, what AI is and is not, what AI applications already exist in the logistics and maritime domain, and how to get started with AI yourself.

Among other things, the course highlights how algorithms and AI can reduce empty miles, what the role of autonomous tools will be and how to measure results of AI as a professional. In the course, you will also learn more about the future division of labor between AI systems and professionals in work within the logistics and maritime domain.

Getting to know and discovering

This course takes you on a journey, showing you AI applications in the maritime and logistics world and explaining the key core concepts through various real-world examples. You learn at your own pace, at your convenience.

During this course you will learn:

  • What AI means;
  • What application possibilities are in your sector;
  • What the impact may be on your work;
  • What aspects besides technology play an important role;
  • How technology will develop in the future.

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