Kom naar hét AI-Congres van het Noorden "AI met gezond verstand"

An overview of the AI courses provided from the NL AIC

One of our goals is to teach as many Dutch people as possible the basics about artificial intelligence, or Artificial Intelligence (AI). How do we do that? Several customized AI courses have been developed by the NL AIC, which you can take free of charge. That way we keep it safe, fair and people-oriented.

An important part of the National AI Course are the contributions of the professors. Each was interviewed by Jim Stolze and contributed content. Who is Jim Stolze? Jim Stolze is a writer and entrepreneur. With his company Aigency, he provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to large companies. He is also often used as a “pep-talk” at events on innovation, technology or entrepreneurship.

Basic course

Creative Industry

Agri & Food

Health and care

Logistics & Maritime

Ai and Ethics

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