AI Heroes

AI Heroes helps organizations get the most out of their AI ideas with customized product development and consulting. Our AI experts help you estimate the value of your AI in a very short time and help you bring idea from drawing board to reality.

We help your organization get the most out of AI with:

  1. Prototyping: lightning-fast insight into how your AI idea works in reality.
  2. Data science: transform your data into value with Data Science and Machine Learning where your data forms insights and predictions. 3.
  3. Custom AI Solutions: Our AI building blocks allow us to realize your custom AI solution at lightning speed.
  4. Support services: Already working on AI, but want to get more out of your team or product? Our AI experts work closely with your in-house team to take your AI solutions to the next level.

AI Heroes is included in the centralized database of the European AI Startup Landscape and provides a clear overview of AI startups categorized by country and category.

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