ACS Data knows better

ACS is a Groningen-based ICT company that specializes in building installations. Through the use of machine learning we can control the building installation so efficiently that as much energy as possible is saved. We are currently achieving results of between 15% and 40% energy savings. To do that, we collect all valuable data from the building with the Smartbase, which is placed next to the existing installation in the building. The Smartbase provides a gateway for data to and from the building. All dates meets accurately structured together on the platform Climatics, where smart algorithms then get to work optimizing the control of the building. AI controls are immediately deployed in the building, resulting in greatly reduced energy consumption without sacrificing comfort and with air quality benefits.

This product won this year’s prestigious CES Innovation Award 2023.

ACS is included in the centralized database of the European AI Startup Landscape and provides a clear overview of AI startups categorized by country and category

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