Startups and scale-ups

Startups and scale-ups

Startups and scale-ups are a key driver of economic growth, job creation and innovativeness. These young companies invest in research, develop key technologies and are able to rapidly translate them into innovative services and products. So too in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Netherlands has the potential to become a major frontrunner in Artificial Intelligence (AI). We owe this promising position not only to the scientists working on this topic, but also to the many Dutch startups and scale-ups that are coming up with new AI solutions while experimenting and innovating.

European AI Startup Landscape

Since January 2022, the Dutch AI Coalition has been contributing a selection of the most promising Dutch AI startups to the European AI Startup Landscape: an initiative to map Europe’s AI startup ecosystem and boost confidence in the quality of these startups.

Our participating Start-ups and Scale-ups are:

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