Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) research in the Netherlands is of high quality. Areas of concern are the scale of this research and the limited extent to which AI innovations find their way into new applications. But new partnerships and funding opportunities will allow us to make significant strides in research and innovation in the coming years.

AI is a systems technology that is already having a major impact on our society today. And that’s just the beginning. The Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) talks about a technology that will fundamentally change our society. Enough reason, then, to pay extra attention to research and innovation in the field of AI.

Better match between supply and demand

There are Dutch AI scientists in our country who are developing promising AI technologies in their laboratories. In that area, we have a strong starting position. The trick here is to make a good match between supply and demand, so that Dutch companies and entrepreneurs also bring those new solutions to the market more often with success. That is still a concern, though. If the various parties are able to find each other more quickly thanks to the network approach, it can bring about important breakthroughs.

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