Human-centered AI

Human-centered AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a major impact on how people interact with digital systems and services. How should we as a society relate to this digital transformation? How do we balance freedom of action with the functional added value of AI? How do we safeguard public values, our fundamental rights and democratic freedoms, and ensure that everyone can benefit from this progress?

Residents of the Netherlands should be able to make the right choices when using AI in their daily lives and, if possible, be involved in the development of new AI services. Therefore, the national working group is looking for ways to learn and discover the best and most desirable AI solutions together with people.

Building blocks Human-centered AI ELSA Lab Approach

In a number of Societal Co-Creation Environments (ELSA Labs: Ethical Legal Societal Aspects Labs), we will work with residents, businesses, knowledge institutions and government to explore how AI can contribute to shaping our society. We extract insights and devise and validate possible solutions. We formulate widely supported standards – on the ethical, legal and social side of AI systems and services – and test them against international AI frameworks, especially in the European context.

After all, as Dutch people, we have our own specific national views on how AI should serve our Dutch prosperity and well-being, but please do so against the backdrop of European cooperation. With such an approach, the Netherlands can distinguish itself while being part of a larger collaborative effort as a member state.

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