Human Capital

Human Capital

Without humans, no Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possible. So while the deployment of that new technology is taking tasks away from people in some places, it’s also creating a lot of additional jobs and work. To make the most of AI’s potential, it is critical to pay close attention to the human side of the story as well. AI will change the way many workers work.

The NL AIC’s action agenda states that some three million Dutch people are expected to need further training in this area. The Human Capital working group within the national coalition is therefore not only concerned with the development of new talent, but is also fully committed to retraining, upskilling and retraining workers in all sectors.

It therefore requires a coordinated approach in which all parties work together: educational organizations, private training organizations, businesses and government.

One of our goals is to teach as many Dutch people as possible the basics about artificial intelligence, or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

How do we do that? Several customized AI courses have been developed by the NL AIC, which you can take free of charge.

That way we keep it safe, fair and people-oriented.

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