Building Blocks

Building Blocks

The NL AIC collaborates with the regional hubs to provide the necessary knowledge, expertise and results in five themes, which are important for innovative impact in economic and societal application areas; Data Sharing, Human Capital, Human-Focused AI, Research and Innovation and Startups and Scale-ups.

Each building block has its own working group within the national AI Coalition that participants can join to address cross-sector challenges.

The AI Hub North Netherlands is affiliated with these national working groups and brings Northern interested parties in contact with the national coordinators in order to create good and broad collaborations. The building blocks will also become part of the projects initiated within the coalition.

Different building blocks

Data Sharing

: establishing and implementing a national data sharing approach

Human Capital

: Developing, attracting and retaining AI talent for the Netherlands and developing the workforce in being able to work with AI

Human-centered AI

: engaging (the Dutch) end users from the beginning in an inclusive approach, with attention to ethical frameworks, security and privacy, so that everyone is a winner with AI technology.

Research and Innovation.

: connecting the Dutch AI knowledge and innovation chain, so that within the Netherlands there is collaboration on a coherent and coordinated AI research and innovation program.

Startups and Scale-ups

: encouraging and supporting new AI driven companies.

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