Energy and Sustainability

Energy and Sustainability

Over the next decade, the Netherlands plans to take major steps to boost the amount of renewable energy produced and the electrification of heat demand and mobility. This desire requires a complete and highly complex transformation of the energy system. The fossil, centralized energy system is changing to a decentralized system based on renewable energy. Algorithms and AI can make a significant difference in accelerating this transition and achieving an efficient and sustainable energy system.

The Northern Netherlands is working on the transition to an energy neutral region and wants to maintain and strengthen its leading position in this field as stated in the RIS3. In decisions around this energy transition, such as investments in infrastructure or deployment of renewable resources, much depends on predictions, often based on limited data, and there are many different interests. New AI technology can support these types of investment and design questions by better grounding them in facts, better considering multiple interests, and also better explaining the choices made and related uncertainties.

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